Year: 2015

Avoiding Dental Problems at Christmas

flossing teeth

A few tips for festive oral health from our Wickford dental team. With just a day or so to go until the big day, probably the last thing on most people’s mind is their oral health care. Whilst regular brushing

Exploding the ‘Poor British Teeth’ myth

Dental repairs

Study shows that British teeth are healthier than US teeth. For many years now, the Americans have mocked the state of British teeth, especially in comedy routines and cartoons, depicting them as overcrowded and crooked. A recent report though (1),

New Year, New Smile

Safe legal teeth whitening

Start a teeth whitening treatment now and see 2016 in with a brighter smile. Although Christmas is probably foremost on people’s minds at the moment; it doesn’t take long, once Boxing Day is over, for thoughts to turn to the

Dental Veneers For Badly Stained Teeth

Great oral health

When a teeth whitening procedure is not enough…. Over the years, at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Essex, we have performed many teeth whitening procedures; the vast majority of which have seen our patients delighted with the results once they

Do It Yourself Dentistry

Can you really fix your own dental problems? With the cost of dentistry rising, whether NHS or Private, many are turning to Do It Yourself Dentistry but are you doing yourself more harm than good? Readily Available Dental Kits Many

10 Frequently Asked Questions at Cygnet Dental Practice

Dental Related Questions With over 10,000 registered patients, its inevitable that our dentists are going to get asked lots of questions. For this reason we have decided to collate our own list of questions and answers which are readily available on

When toothache strikes….

damaged tooth

Looking for an emergency dentist in Wickford? Life can throw us curveballs; one moment we are sailing along quite nicely, when something unexpected happens and changes everything in a single moment. Even our teeth can be affected in this way.

Are Dental X-rays Safe?

Why take x-rays? At some point or another your dentist is going to take x-rays of your teeth. Why? The answer is pure and simple. Dentists are not super human, they cannot see through the gum and bone to see

Back to Basics

teeth and gum cleaning

Essential oral health care tips from our Wickford dentist. Preventative dental care makes absolute common sense. Although restorative dentistry has come a long way, and there are now far many more choices other than just a filling or extraction available

Brighten your Smile for Christmas

Get party season ready! With the weather turning colder and the days looking dark and miserable, we could all do with a bit of cheering up. With the Christmas party season fast approaching we are all looking for our party