Month: September 2015

Teeth Whitening Options

Safe legal teeth whitening

Taking a look at the various methods of teeth whitening currently available. Having teeth whitened is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure currently offered at dental practices throughout the country. One of the main reasons for this is that the

Looking After Your Dentures

New teeth! Finally you have had those gaps replaced! Your dentist has made you new, removable teeth that look and feel just as good as your original teeth. But it doesn’t end there. To keep your new teeth looking as

Invisalign Braces – Discreet and Convenient

Invisalign invisible braces

Why this popular orthodontic system fully deserves its reputation. When patients attend our Wickford dental practice, telling us that they would like to have their teeth straightened, many ask for more information about the Invisalign braces system to see if

Improving your teeth on a budget

Achieving a younger looking smile Unfortunately not all of us have a never ending supply of cash which allows us to do whatever we want. Many of us have issues with our body that we might like improved but our

Fed up with Unattractive Teeth?

Dental veneers might be just the solution that you need – ask your Wickford dentist! You may have noticed the increasing amount of TV advertisements for tooth whitening toothpastes. This is perhaps a sign that, increasingly, we are not only

Gum Disease – a Common Dental Condition

Know the Signs Gum Disease is the most common dental condition which effects everyone at some stage in their life.  It can affect one particular area or your whole mouth. Gum Disease happens when plaque is allowed to build up