Month: January 2016

Dealing with Toothache!

Cygnet Dental – helping you deal with toothache There is nothing worse than toothache.  It can come in many ways, for some a small niggling sensation that often comes and goes but for others it can get so bad that

Beware of ‘Natural’ Tooth Whitening Solutions

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Professional whitening in the Wickford area from Cygnet Dental. Whereas, once, professional advice would have been sought about any problem, be it household or medical; today, the first thing that most people do is to pop their question into a

Afraid of Dental Implants?

Cygnet Dental discusses Dental Implants, the best treatment for replacing a missing tooth Just the word ‘Implants’ may sound scary but in fact Dental Implants are the best solution when replacing missing teeth. Unlike some treatments, no modification is needed

Don’t Fear Braces! They’ve Changed A Lot….

Brace straightening teeth

Helping patients smile again with Invisalign orthodontics. The thought of having to wear dental braces is one that many people don’t even want to contemplate. When the realisation hits in later life, that our teeth are crooked or uneven and

The Effect of Medication to your Oral Health

Why you need to declare any medications to your dentist You may have noticed that every time you visit the dentist you are asked about your medical history.  On your first appointment you would have been given a medical history

Looking For A Children’s Dentist in Wickford, Runwell, Downham or Shotgate?

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Living in a less populated area does not mean that your child’s oral health should suffer. Being situated in a town such as Wickford, we find that many of our patients come to us from surrounding villages such as those

Offering you more at Cygnet Dental Practice

Bigger and Better Cygnet Dental Practice is a family oriented NHS dental practice but just because we are NHS, it doesn’t mean that you are restricted to the types of treatment only NHS can offer you. Thanks to the continuing

Cosmetic Dentistry Q&A

Addressing some of the more common questions about cosmetic dentistry. At the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex, we regularly get asked a lot of questions about cosmetic dentistry, both from patients who are looking to improve their smile and

Teeth Straightening with Ease

A beautiful smile of easier than you think! Have you ever dreamed about having a beautiful smile? Do you look at your teeth and wish you could wave a magic wand making them all fall into alignment? Well teeth straightening