Month: February 2016

Fruit Juice And Your Children’s Teeth

childrens dental health

Even healthy foods and drinks can cause poor dental health. Fruit juice has been in the news a lot lately, not for the health giving properties of the vitamins they contain, but for the damage they can cause to teeth,

Dental Implants – Rear Teeth

Implants offer more than simply a cosmetic solution to missing teeth. The majority of patients who visit our Essex dental practice for dental implants, do so because they have lost a tooth that is visible when they smile. This is

Tackling Bad Breath

The dentists at Cygnet Dental helping to prevent the dreaded morning breath The most common type of bad breath we all experience is the dreaded morning breath. Especially if you are suffering from a bad cold and feeling bunged up,

Your Personalised Dental Plan

Catering for your individual needs at the Cygnet Dental Practice. Whilst our skills at diagnosing dental problems and treating them effectively is the most important aspect of our work; of course we also believe in treating our patients with the

Restoring Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

A cosmetic dental procedure to help roll back the years. In the same way that our skin and facial features change over time, so do our teeth. Not only do they appear more discoloured, as the inner part of the

Need A Root Canal Procedure And Live In Wickford, Essex? Don’t Despair….

Wickford Principal Dentist Dr Pabari

Our local dental team will take good care of you! Being told that you need root canal treatment can come as a bit of a shock. Most patients will have heard certain horror stories about this particular procedure which seems

Whitening your teeth the safe and professional way!

Get your smile ready for Valentines Day! Looking for a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your teeth? Then look no further! Why not have teeth whitening carried out by dental professional! You may ask does it

Turn bad breath into good breath!

Know the causes of bad breath in order to prevent it! Knowing the causes of bad breath can go along way in helping to prevent it.  For a small percentage of people bad breath could be a sign of an