Month: March 2016

Periodontitis – A Serious Threat To Your Teeth

teeth and gum cleaning

Avoiding tooth loss through gum disease with better dental care. Dental decay is often perceived to be the largest cause of tooth loss by many people; in fact, it is not the main cause. This dubious ‘honour’ falls to an

Whiter Teeth, Safely and Legally

white teeth

Illegal teeth whitening outlets should be avoided at all costs. Despite a law being passed that allows only fully trained dentists to perform or supervise teeth whitening procedures, recent reports have shown that other outlets are still persisting with this

Are You Self Conscious About Your Smile?

Safe legal teeth whitening

Has your ‘selfie’ highlighted issues with the appearance of our teeth. The ‘selfie’ has, perhaps, proved to be one of the most popular uses of many social media platforms. Initially popular with the younger generation, it is not unusual to