Month: May 2016

Access To Dental Implants in Shotgate, Essex

A dental implant in the jaw

Finding implants and other cosmetic dental treatments in rural areas. Those who live in cities, and most large towns will now have relatively easy access to a dentist who provides cosmetic treatments. Whilst this was once a rarity; with the

Stabilisation for Loose Dentures

Making dentures more stable and secure The more teeth we loose the less retention there is for dentures.  When teeth are lost there is nothing for the bone to hold on to so over a period of time the bone

Dental Accidents And Sudden Pain

Teeth pain

Dental care available for emergency appointments in Wickford, Essex. Prevention is key to having good oral health. There is no substitute for regular and effective brushing and flossing of the teeth, along with your usual six monthly check ups at

Gum Disease And Dental Implants

Tooth implants last longer with a healthy mouth. Dental implants are rapidly becoming a common method of replacing missing teeth at our Wickford dental practice. Although it is an invasive procedure; once completed, it offers the patient both strong, long

Improving Tooth Decay In The Under Fives

childrens dental health

Prevention and supervision by our Essex dentists reduces the risk of dental decay. Public Health England have, today, released figures showing that tooth decay for the under fives in the UK is improving (1). Whilst this is excellent news for