Month: July 2016

Ask Our Essex Dentist – Mercury Use In Fillings

Great oral health

A patient asks about the aesthetic and safety aspects of amalgam fillings. Today’s question comes from a patient of the Cygnet Dental Practice who has been told that he needs his first filling, and wants to know more about the

Ask The Dentist – Pitted Teeth

An Essex patient is unhappy with the appearance of her teeth and asks for our advice. Today’s question comes from a potential new patient whose teeth have started to show signs of wear and tear as well as discolouration. Q.

Straightening Teeth Quickly and Easily

Getting a beautiful smile is easier than you think! Gone are the days when the only option to straighten your teeth was the standard metal train-track braces that had to be worn for years. Nowadays there are systems available that can

Sugar and Dental Enamel

teeth and gum cleaning

Sugar is known to be bad for our teeth, but the damage is preventable. Taking a break from our regular ‘ask the dentist’ series, today’s blog takes a look at one of the basics of dental care; preventing the damage

Stem Cells And Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment the steps

Does new research mean that root canal therapy is a thing of the past? Some of you may have seen articles in the newspapers claiming that root canal treatment will soon be a thing of the past due to research