Month: September 2016

A Vegan Diet And Your Teeth

Our Wickford dentist looks at the implications of a plant based diet. It does not seem so long ago that a vegan diet was considered by some, to be for “fringe” groups only. This is no longer the case though,

Is Your Child One Of The 40%?

childrens dental health

Reports suggest that too many children don’t see a dentist. Our Wickford team looks closer. We wrote a lot about early years dental care in a relatively recent blog and many of you may also have seen recent reports (1)

What Is Plaque and Tartar?

teeth and gum cleaning

A look at these two dental terms and their effect on your gum health. Patients sometimes tell us that they don’t fully understand some of the terminologies used when it comes to dental health. As with most professions, we all,

The Importance Of Early Years Dental Care

childrens dental health

Why it’s never too early for parents from Wickford, Downham or Shotgate to visit the Cygnet Dental Practice. When a child is born, one of the last things on a parent’s mind will be the dentist, and quite rightly so

Ask The Dentist – Are Dental Implants Good Value For Money?

A Downham patient queries whether the cost of implants is worth it. One of the first things that people often ask about dental implants is the price. It is certainly one of the more expensive dental procedures that are available,