Year: 2017

A New Smile For The New Year At Your Wickford Cosmetic Dentist

Whiter teeth

Dental makeovers for a beautiful new smile. Now that Christmas is behind us for another year, many of us will be looking to the new year celebrations and beyond. Whilst our more immediate thoughts may be on the night itself,

Happy Christmas To Our Wickford And Rayleigh Patients!

The Cygnet Dental Practice offers some practical Christmas tips for healthy teeth. With just a few days to go before the Christmas festivities start, most of our patients will either be starting to wind down for the holidays, or perhaps

How Over Zealous Brushing Can Actually Harm Your Teeth

Great oral health

Although you should always brush your teeth; getting it wrong can be damaging! As your dentist or hygienist will tell you, you should brush your teeth for at least two minutes both morning and last thing before going to bed.

Preserving The Effects Of Teeth Whitening

Maintaining teeth whiteness following treatment in Wickford. If you have recently had your teeth whitened at the Cygnet Dental Practice, we are confident that you will be feeling very pleased with the results. As we will have explained when you