Month: February 2017

Enamel Erosion

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A look at the causes and potential problems of tooth enamel damage. The enamel on our teeth is a very hard protective layer which enables us to bite efficiently and also protects the softer dentin layer underneath. With a healthy

Choosing Between a Bridge and a Dental Implant

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Helping you to make an informed decision about your tooth replacement options. It’s always best to replace a missing tooth or teeth as if gaps are left in the mouth, the remaining teeth alongside the gap can move out of

Teeth Staining Foods To Avoid

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How to keep your teeth whiter for longer. At the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex, we believe not only in treating patients when they have problems, but also providing them with helpful advice which helps them to have healthy

When You Need To See An Emergency Dentist in Wickford, Essex

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Prompt treatment can help to save a damaged tooth No matter how well we care for and look after our teeth, many of us will at one time or another suffer from the effects of an unwelcome dental problem. It