Month: March 2017

Amalgam To Be Phased Out?

Tooth coloured fillings already available at our Wickford practice. As the European parliament has voted to phase out the use of mercury in dental fillings by 2030, we thought that we would take a look at what this means for

Simple Tips To Avoid Gum Disease

Healthy gums are important – Our Wickford dentists offer advice to keep them that way. Cleaning our teeth is a routine part of most people’s days. We know that a failure to do this is likely to mean that we

Sugar and Your Children’s Teeth – Advice From Your Wickford Dentist

Big family of people

Extractions on the increase for under fours. A report out today (1)  notes that the number of extractions carried out on children aged four or younger has increased by a quarter in the past ten years. Last year, there were

Five Ways To Help Avoid Invasive Treatment At The Dentist

flossing teeth

Some simple tips to help keep your dental appointments for check ups only. Perhaps we should start this blog post by saying that you should never ‘avoid’ going to the dentist. It is an essential part of maintaining healthy teeth