Month: June 2017

Wisdom Tooth Removal

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A basic explanation for our Wickford patients. Wisdom teeth are usually the last ones to come through and are so called because they arrive at an age when we are supposed to be wise…. usually around late teens to early

Stress Related Dental Problems

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How general anxiety levels can have a detrimental effect on your oral health. Few would dispute that we live in a stressful era. Even once we have finished a busy day at work, instead of relaxing in the evening, many

Teeth Whitening For Older Patients

A dental patient from Hullbridge asks if it is too late to have whiter teeth. Our previous blog post answering a local patient’s question proved popular, so we thought we would also publish this one which we received the other

A Convenient Dentist For Patients From Nearby Locations

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Answering questions recently put to us by a patient from Rawreth, a local village. We recently received an email from a patient in nearby Rawreth who has moved to the area and was sending out a questionnaire to local dental