Month: August 2017

Oral Soft Tissue Damage – A Quick Overview From Cygnet Dental, Wickford

Hygienist Vicki

A look at some of the problems associated with the gums, cheek and tongue. During your regular six monthly check up at the Cygnet Dental Practice, we not only examine your teeth, but the soft tissues of the mouth also.

4 Causes Of Tooth Erosion – Your Wickford Dentist Discusses

Wickford Principal Dentist Dr Pabari

Why do some people’s teeth gradually wear down? When a tooth breaks suddenly, most people are usually instantly aware of it and will make an emergency dental appointment to have it treated. Some dental problems happen more gradually though and

Cracked Teeth – The Potential Consequences

Even relatively minor damage may be storing up problems for the future. A not uncommon tendency of some patients is to perform a degree of self diagnosis, especially when minor dental problems occur. Whilst nearly all patients will call for

Using A Dental Bridge To Replace A Missing Tooth

Dental repairs

One option to consider to correct a “gappy” smile. Replacing a missing tooth will not only help to restore the appearance of your smile, but will also help to prevent adjacent teeth from moving into the vacant position. When this