Welcome to Cygnet Dental in Wickford, Essex

An introduction to the services on offer at our local dental practice.

A warm welcome to our new blog. We will be posting regular articles here about our practice, the services offered as well as general dental news and oral health advice.

We thought that we would start our blog rolling with a brief introduction to some of the services we offer for our local Essex patients.

Essentially, these fall into two categories; general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry

General dentistry

This forms the backbone of good oral health care and starts with oral examinations to check the health of your teeth, gums and general mouth area. From this examination, suggestions for improvement to your cleaning regime may be made, along, perhaps, with minor dental procedures, such as fillings, to correct any problems that exist. We also have a hygienist on hand to ensure that any plaque that has built up around the teeth and gums can be removed in order to help in the fight against gum disease, one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the UK.

For more extensive dental problems, we may perform more invasive procedures such as a root canal, in order to save the infected tooth. Our general dental care is available both privately, and also available on the NHS; however the levels of services may be different as explained on our website.

Cosmetic dentistry

The term ‘cosmetic dentistry’ is something of a misnomer as many procedures that fall into this category, such as orthodontics, also have a highly beneficial effect on your overall oral health. Others though, such as teeth whitening, are purely aesthetic. We will cover these procedures in more detail in future blogs, but a brief summary follows of some of the more popular cosmetic dental procedures available at Cygnet Dental Practice.

Dental implants

These is, in effect, a replacement tooth root, made from titanium, that is placed into the jawbone and a crown then attached to it. This is now considered to be the most effective and long lasting tooth replacement option available.

Orthodontics (teeth straightening)

Having an even set of teeth makes it easier to keep them clean, and also looks much better than a set of crooked teeth. Using the modern Invisalign orthodontic system, your teeth can now be straightened without the embarrassment of highly visible ‘train track’ braces.

Teeth whitening

Using a customised method, this is a safe and effective way of dramatically whitening the colour of your teeth. This can be done to the degree that the patient wishes. Although whitening kits are available from stores, there are potential health risks to these if not used correctly and they are also not as effective.

Dental veneers

Whilst a teeth whitening procedure is effective for most people; those with severely stained or chipped and cracked teeth would be more likely to benefit from dental veneers. These are a fine layer of tooth shaped ceramic which is used to replace the front part of the affected teeth.

This is just a brief look at what we are able to offer patients at our Wickford dental practice and we are very happy to answer any additional questions that you may have about your oral health.

To talk to us, simply call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 and speak to our friendly and helpful reception team.