Whiter Teeth, Safely and Legally

Illegal teeth whitening outlets should be avoided at all costs.

Despite a law being passed that allows only fully trained dentists to perform or supervise teeth whitening procedures, recent reports have shown that other outlets are still persisting with this practice, and, in some cases, even thriving it would seem. It is likely that many illegal places are performing this popular procedure cheaply in order to attract new clients.

Whilst we understand that cost may be a factor in some people’s decision to whiten their teeth, there are several risks attached which should not be underestimated.


Some of these outlets have challenged their illegal status by not actually performing the procedure themselves, but simply allowing the patient to fit the trays themselves in their premises. Whilst this may seem similar to a home whitening kit, the fact is that the whitening agents used are very strong, and, unchecked, can have a number of extremely painful side effects, including burns to the soft tissue as well as very sensitive teeth. There have also been instances where the whitening ingredient has been swallowed, following leakage, causing sickness.

Anyone prepared to break, or severely bend at least, the law in this way, has little concern for the patient and is likely to be motivated by profit only.

Professional care

Of course, the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex is a business, and, as such, we have to charge realistic fees for this procedure. Whilst this may be a little more expensive than an illegal outlet, there are many benefits, both from a safety aspect and the results that you will see. Anyone having teeth whitening at our Wickford practice can be assured that each case will be treated individually. This means that the trays used are not only comfortable, but ensure that any risk of leakage, and therefore burning, is absolutely minimal.

The strength of the solution used is also dependent on the requirements of each patient. This will be determined following our cosmetic consultation, where the patient’s targets for whiteness will be discussed. Naturally, we are also here should you have any questions or are concerned about any aspect of the treatment once it has commenced.

Getting it right

The fact is that only professional teeth whitening by a registered dentist is likely to bring you the results you desire. Whilst you may have whiter teeth through other illegal outlets, these are unlikely to be in any measured form and unsafe too. At the Cygnet Dental Practice, we work with our patients to determine whether they want really white teeth, or whether they are simply looking for a more natural, but brighter appearance. A treatment plan will then be devised accordingly and we will guide you through the process.

Anyone who is looking for a cosmetic dentist in the Downham, Shotgate or Wickford areas for teeth whitening is invited to arrange a consultation with us by calling us on 01268 733078. We’ll be pleased to welcome you to the practice.