4 Causes Of Tooth Erosion – Your Wickford Dentist Discusses

Why do some people’s teeth gradually wear down?

When a tooth breaks suddenly, most people are usually instantly aware of it and will make an emergency dental appointment to have it treated.

Some dental problems happen more gradually though and teeth erosion is a case in point.

There can be a number of causes of worn down teeth, and, in today’s blog, we examine a few of them.


Many of us may not be aware that we grind our teeth in our sleep. Sometimes this may be temporary and caused by a specific stressful period in our lives, whilst for others, it may be an ongoing problem. As you might expect, grinding  teeth together will cause them to wear down, and potentially break. Whilst teeth damaged in this way can often be restored through the use of crowns or dental veneers, it is preferable to wait until the tooth grinding habit has been dealt with.


What seems like an ever increasing quantity of sugar in our diet is a well known factor in the erosion of tooth enamel. This is a problem that is hard to avoid altogether, but patients can take steps to reduce the risk. Cutting down on additional sugars is a good move, but avoiding sugary carbonated drinks would significantly reduce the threat to your enamel. Water is arguably the best drink for us all and is freely available, so try to make good use of this!

Uneven teeth

If your teeth are crooked and uneven, there is every chance that they do not meet correctly. If one tooth overlaps another, it could well wear down the other tooth. Lower front teeth often wear down due to an overbite which slowly grinds down on the bottom teeth. The risk of this can be mitigated by straightening the teeth using modern cosmetic braces such as Invisalign or the fast acting Six Month Smile.

Brushing your teeth

Yes, even looking after your teeth can damage them!  This really only applies where the teeth are brushed incorrectly though. In their attempt to keep their teeth clean and healthy, some people brush much too hard, and, over time, wear down the surface enamel of the teeth. Switching to an electric toothbrush with a pressure sensor which cuts out when too much force is applied, is a good way to prevent this. You should also leave an hour or so after consuming acidic foods before your brush your teeth. Teeth will soften slightly after acidic foods and are therefore more likely to wear down quicker if you brush straight away.

An important part of monitoring and treating teeth that suffer from gradual deterioration is the six monthly visit to your local dentist. Not only residents of Wickford, but also nearby towns such as Rayleigh and Basildon, have taken advantage of the first class dental services that we offer, and so can you! Please call the Cygnet Dental Practice today on 01268 733078.