Do It Yourself Dentistry

Can you really fix your own dental problems?

With the cost of dentistry rising, whether NHS or Private, many are turning to Do It Yourself Dentistry but are you doing yourself more harm than good?

Readily Available Dental Kits

Many chemists offer a small range of dental instruments and materials, allowing you to temporarily ‘patch up’ a dental emergency, giving you time to get to your dentist.  All of these materials are not designed to last long and simply fix the problem for a limited time only. Unfortunately these kits are being used as a permanent solution to many dental problems which might work at the time but will not last and may possibly cause you further problems.

Preventing Problems

The best way to deal with dental problems is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Regular examination appointments at Cygnet Dental, which are highly likely to be needed only once a year, will cost you £18.80.  X-rays are included so any existing fillings can be checked.  If you fail to visit your dentist for regular appointments and only go when you have problems, then you can expect your dental fees to be much more than this.  The fee for an examination is around the cost of a haircut which many have at least 4 times a year.  You wouldn’t think twice about paying for this, so really shouldn’t think twice about paying for a check up once a year.  Your teeth are supposed to last you your life time and by having regular examination appointments will ensure they do.

Possible Causing Problems

In 2012 the British Dental Health Foundation carried out research which found that one in five people would remove their own tooth or ask a friend to do it for them, all due to financial reasons.  The risk in doing this is that the tooth or roots may fracture and not all of the tooth is removed from the socket.  This may feel sharp on the tongue or you  may experience a lot of pain associated with this.  Another problem associated with DIY Dentistry is replacing your own fillings.  If you have developed a cavity then you have decay.  If this decay is not removed and a filling is placed directly over it, the decay will continue to spread. It could reach the nerve causing you pain, swelling and a lot of discomfort.  The treatment for this is either Root Canal Treatment or have the tooth removed.  Which could have been a quick and easy appointment then turns to complex treatment or even possibly a gap now in your mouth which could then lead to future problems.


If you are having problems paying for dental treatment do not cancel your appointment or try to fix the problem yourself. Instead speak to us first, we are currently taking new NHS patients. If you claim certain benefits you may be entitled to free dentistry.  Alternatively if you are pregnant or your child is under a year old you are also entitled to free dentistry.  Children are also entitled to free treatment up until the age of 18.