Dental Anxiety Questions

A selection of your questions answered by our Wickford dental team.

As you might expect, we receive a lot of questions from patients during consultations and even treatments.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of these come from patients who are anxious about any treatment they may be about to receive.

As dental anxiety is very common, it is impossible to answer every single question that we have been asked. Below though, we offer brief answers to some of the more common questions that we hear.

Will the needle hurt?

A lot of patients are afraid of injections. We respect this fact and try to make it as stress free as possible. One thing few patients are aware of is that it is not really the injection itself which causes any discomfort, but the anaesthetic as it is released into the gum. However unpleasant you may find this though, procedures carried out without it would be far more painful!

Can I have gas?

No, or at least not at a dental practice. Although this was once a common method of anaesthesia, it is no longer given to patients for safety reasons. In some rare cases in the past, it even resulted in fatalities.

Do I have to have ‘the drill’?

Some people do feel anxious at the sound of the dental drill. There is a good reason why it does make the high pitched sound that it does, and that is because it rotates at very high speeds. By doing so, it drills away decayed and damaged material at a much faster and efficient rate enabling the procedure to be completed quickly; something which we are sure nervous patients appreciate.

Will I feel pain?

Pain is highly unlikely. What people experience more often is the anticipation of pain; perhaps the feeling that if the dentist drills even the tiniest bit further, they will hit a nerve? The reality is that local anaesthetics are so powerful that this type of pain is extremely rare indeed. We do accept that some discomfort may be felt but this is likely to be insignificant in comparison to the eventual outcome if your dental problem is left untreated.

A number of patients from Wickford and Downham have, semi jokingly perhaps, exclaimed that we must get really annoyed with nervous patients as we are only trying to do our job. The fact is though, that we don’t. We fully understand that patients can be anxious about their treatment and some of us dentists are even a little nervous ourselves, even with the knowledge that modern methods mean that dentistry is much more pleasant these days. The reality is that treatment is there to restore your dental health and neglecting it can lead to more severe pain and even other health problems.

We welcome nervous patients at the Cygnet Dental Practice and our team will do all that they can to help you feel relaxed and comfortable for any treatment you may be about to receive.

Patients from Downham, Wickford and local Essex villages can book an appointment with us by calling on 01268 733078.