When You Need To See An Emergency Dentist in Wickford, Essex

Prompt treatment can help to save a damaged tooth

No matter how well we care for and look after our teeth, many of us will at one time or another suffer from the effects of an unwelcome dental problem. It may be a damaged tooth as a result of an unfortunate sporting accident, a broken crown or denture, or losing a filling leading to a nagging and painful toothache.

All are inconvenient and can unfortunately lead to pain and distress, but more importantly, if they are left untreated they may lead to a more serious type of problem arising, and may eventually even lead to the loss of a tooth.

These problems will usually occur without any prior warning, and you can pretty much guarantee that they will occur at the worst possible time, usually late in the evening, on a Saturday afternoon, or even while we’re off on our holiday. Whatever the timing and the nature of your problem, receiving prompt emergency dental treatment from your nearest dentist can help to minimise any pain, discomfort and suffering that are caused by the problem.

Vitally, such treatment will also hopefully enable your dental surgeon to save the tooth whereas ignoring the problem may result in further complications developing. The problem may develop further by spreading to an adjoining tooth, or it may lead to an infection developing that can cause an abscess. Complications can lead to even more pain and distress for the patient, and the resulting treatment could be even more invasive and costly.

Should the problem develop into a dental abscess, then oftentimes the only course of treatment available to the dentist is to either remove the tooth completely, or to clean and repair the root of the tooth using a root canal procedure. If you are suffering from any form of dental pain or discomfort, or you believe that either you or a family member require emergency treatment for a dental problem, then for peace of mind you shouldn’t hesitate to seek prompt emergency treatment.

Here at The Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex your comfort and well-being are at all times, our absolute priority. Our aim is to provide you with prompt emergency treatment to help to relieve your pain and discomfort as quickly as we possibly can. If at all possible, and dependent on the complexity and nature of your problem, we will also endeavour to offer treatment to cure the problem at the same time as your emergency consultation.

If you are in the Wickford area, whether you an existing patient of ours, or you’re just visiting the area,  if you require an emergency same day dental appointment, then please call the clinic on 01268 733078 to book an appointment with a member of a practice team as soon as you can. If you call out of hours, there is a recorded message that gives a mobile phone number for you to contact our service on.

Emergency dental treatment, and the relief of your pain may be just a phone call away so please don’t delay.