When Food Gets Stuck Between Your Teeth

This irritating problem may cause more than strange looks from others!

If you have ever been out for the evening and had a great time, only to return home to find that you had a large piece of spinach stuck between your teeth for most of the night, you are probably not alone. Although this may be a cause for embarrassment, it is probably not the worst of your problems.

If food becomes easily trapped between your teeth on a regular basis, tooth decay and gum disease could well become a problem. Although you may choose to avoid eating obviously visible foods such as spinach, even those that won’t be seen will still cause the same dental problems if not removed.

Why does food become trapped?

We all have small spaces between our teeth and these act as a natural ‘trap’ for many foods. Chewy foods, like meat, are especially likely to become trapped, as are very sweet and sticky foods; toffees being a very obvious example. Providing that you remove these on a daily basis though, this should keep any damage to a minimum.


It is worth saying here, that teeth that are crooked are more likely to trap food. This often happens where teeth overlap and food finds its way into the tiny spaces between them. Very often these are difficult to clean and the food may remain there for some time, with decay following soon afterwards. If this sounds like your situation, all is not lost and you can have your teeth straightened at the Cygnet Dental Practice. By using one of the range of cosmetic orthodontics at our Wickford practice in Essex, you can not only have nicer looking teeth, but ones that are less likely to trap food too.


Even if you can’t see any food trapped in your teeth, at the end of each day you should still make an effort to clean between your teeth, as well as brush them thoroughly. There are a number of newer methods to do this, but good old dental floss still works as well as most of them and is much cheaper (and more effective) than some other methods such as water piks.

Some people do, initially, find using dental floss quite tricky, but a bit of practice and perseverance soon makes it a straightforward enough. However well you clean and floss  your teeth, you should also have them periodically cleaned by our Wickford dental hygienist. This is an excellent way to keep both teeth and gums in good health.

If you live in the Wickford and Rayleigh area, and would like to discuss orthodontics (braces) with us, or to make an appointment with our hygienist, you can call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.