Professional Dental Hygiene in Wickford, Essex

Helping you to keep your mouth in tip top condition.

Thanks to our modern lifestyle and accompanying diet, the health of our teeth and gums is under constant threat every day. Some research has even found that levels of gum disease are currently higher than in the stone age!

Whilst dental care was non existent then, diet would have been entirely natural and probably sugar free, providing our teeth with a better chance of longevity. Meals would almost certainly have been less frequent, with no convenience foods or sweets to snack on in between.

Hygienist care

Whilst we don’t advocate a return to that way of life; it is certain that the constant bombardment of high sugar snacks and drinks has posed a challenge to our oral health, and it is now more important than ever to have our teeth and gums monitored on a regular basis by a local and experienced dentist. Many patients from our Wickford dental practice also see our hygienist, Vicky Glover, at regular intervals to ensure that their mouth is in excellent health. This is something that we always recommend our patients to do.

Whilst a hygienist may not be qualified to perform more complex procedures to restore teeth, they do play an incredibly important role in preventing the need for such procedures to be performed at all. Their role is both educational and practical in preventing problems such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Starting young

The educational role of the hygienist is perhaps most effective on younger patients. Teaching and encouraging young children to get into good oral care habits from an early age means that their chances of having good oral health in later life is greatly increased. This doesn’t mean that older patients won’t also benefit though. Many older patients brush relatively ineffectively, using methods taught many years ago. Our Wickford hygienists ensure that they are up to date with modern methods based on comprehensive research, and can teach patients the most effective way to both brush and floss their teeth.

Gum disease

An area of special importance for dental hygienists is in the monitoring and treatment of gum disease. As we have mentioned in previous blogs, this is a leading cause of tooth loss but can be treated in its early stage. Our hygienists perform a procedure, known as a scale and polish, which removes built up tartar (hardened ‘bacteria’), from the teeth and gum line. Early treatment prevents the onset not only of milder stages of gum disease, but also periodontitis, in which the bone that holds our teeth securely in place is compromised, and may lead to early tooth loss.

To ensure that your oral health is in good shape, we recommend that patients from Wickford, Shotgate, Downham and other local Essex towns ensure that they visit the hygienist at the Cygnet Dental Practice on a regular basis. Please call us on 01268 733078 to arrange your appointment.