When Patients Are Unhappy With Their Smile

A patient from Shotgate asks what we can do to improve their smile.

At the Cygnet Dental Practice, we get a lot of patients who come to us with specific requests about how they would like the appearance of their teeth to be improved.

Some patients though are less clear about what needs to be done to bring the best out in their smile as we see in this typical question below:

Q. Hello .. Well, where do I start? I’m a woman in her early fifties who lives in Shotgate. I’ve just spotted your practice on the web and you are pretty close to me so I thought I’d approach you to see if you can help. The problem is that I’ve always disliked dentists (nothing personal) and so visits have been very sporadic. I’m fortunate in that my family seem to have strong dental genes and I haven’t lost any teeth yet, and not too many fillings either. Unfortunately though, my teeth now look really crooked and also a horrible shade of yellow. I’m not convinced anything can be done about it, but my friend has pushed me to at least see if there is anything you can do?

Hello and thanks for your question. It is difficult to know where to start without seeing you as a patient, and I would suggest that your first port of call should be to arrange an appointment with one of our dentists at Cygnet Dental Practice. This way, we can explain the benefits of each procedure and provide a treatment plan to give you the smile that you want.

As a general response to your question though, I would say initially, that I am sure that we can help to correct the problems using the latest cosmetic dental procedures and will be able to give you a smile that you probably thought was no longer possible. Initially though, although you say you have good dental genes, it is advisable to have a thorough oral health check to check for gum disease and any other issues. If you are free of these, or once they have been treated, we can make a start on your cosmetic dental treatments.

The first part of the process is likely to be the use of orthodontics to straighten your teeth. There seems little point in having nice white teeth if all they do is highlight their crookedness. Don’t worry about the idea of dental braces though. Modern braces are much more comfortable and less visible and some, such as Invisalign, don’t even use wiring at all. There are a number of types of orthodontic systems available and we can decide which is best for your situation at your consultation.

Once your teeth have been straightened, we can get to the part that really puts a smile on patient’s faces; the teeth whitening procedure. This is a fast acting and highly effective way of really bringing out the brightness of your teeth. You may not realise it, but the yellowing of your teeth (presuming that you don’t smoke), is likely to be caused simply by getting older. It happens to us all, however well we clean our teeth. This means that the inside of the tooth has to be whitened too, and this way offers a pain free way of doing so. Our whitening system even allows you to do this at your convenience in your own home.

Once this has been done, we are sure that you will be very happy with the outcome and pleased that you overcame your reluctance to visit a dentist. Our dental practice in Wickford is very close to your home in Shotgate, so why not pop over to see us and have a new smile in no time at all. Please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.