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NHS and Private Treatment Fees Explained

Cygnet Dental Practice offers both NHS and private treatment.  If you are registered with us as an NHS patient, you can choose to have the prescribed treatment carried out using NHS materials or private materials.

All NHS dental treatments are set in 3 different bands.  These bands each have a set fee.

Band 1 – covers examinations, x-rays, scale and polish, fluoride application or fissure sealants.  Even if these treatments are carried out over more than one appointment, only one fee is charged.  The fee for Band 1 is currently £18.80.

Band 2 – covers all the above in Band 1 but also any necessary treatments including fillings, root canal treatment and tooth extractions.  Again if more than one appointment is needed, only one fee is charged.  The fee for Band 2 is currently £51.30.

Band 3 – covers everything listed in Bands 1 and 2 but also includes crowns, bridges and dentures.  The fee for Band 3 is currently £219.00

All these fees are reviewed annually and are likely to increase but the NHS do try to keep this increase to a minimal.  The NHS does require full payment in advance before treatment commences.  Payment can be made in stages until the full amount has been paid but no treatment will be carried out until this happens.


Pregnant women are exempt from paying for dental treatment during pregnancy and a year after birth.  People on certain benefits are also exempt from charges.  Information on which benefits are exempt can be found on the NHS website.  Proof of exemption does need to be shown to the receptionist and this will be recorded.  If it is found that you are claiming exemption dishonestly you may be fined.

Private Treatment and Fees

At Cygnet Dental we understand that it is not always possible to pay for private treatment upfront.  For this reason we offer the following options:

  • Pay as you go – have treatment carried out at your own pace, allowing you to break up the cost.
  • Pay in stages – certain treatments are carried out over a period of months.  A set fee can be paid at monthly intervals rather than paying in full.
  • Finance – this option is only available when the treatment cost exceeds £1000.   Finance is available for 1 year at 0%APR or up to over 4 years at an estimate of 7.9%APR (rate varies throughout the year).
Treatment Alternatives

If you cannot afford the prescribed treatment speak to the dentist.  A treatment alternative may be possible which may be just as good and a little easier on your pocket.  Never leave any dental problems you may have.  Its highly likely that the problem will escalate into an even bigger dental problem which may cost you even more money.

Alternatively ensure you attend your 6 monthly examination appointments to prevent any dental problems from occurring.  Prevention is always going to be cheaper than treatment!