Maintaining Healthy and Attractive Teeth

Some oral health guidance from our Wickford dental team.

Although many people think that dentists are there largely to perform complicated dental procedures to rescue or restore damaged teeth; we see our role as wider than that and believe that we also have a major preventative role to play in a patient’s oral health. For this reason, we also offer a hygienist service at the Cygnet Dental Practice where the patient can spend more time discussing issues of oral health such as diet and lifestyle, to help them keep their teeth strong and healthy.

Whilst in this blog we can’t discuss in depth, the issues as effectively as our hygienist Vicky Glover can, we hope that this will, at least, serve as an introductory guide to provide basic oral health care education.


Sugar is well known to be a major cause of dental problems, especially dental decay. Nowhere is this more significant than in young children, with tooth decay being one of the major reasons for children’s admissions to hospitals. Whilst we appreciate the difficulties in avoiding sugar products for children; at least trying to restrict these will not only help to keep their teeth healthier, but may also help to wean them away from these products. Water too, should be offered to children as the standard drink, with juices offered only sparingly.

The same principles apply to adults too, of course, and a little extra willpower may help to avoid the need for invasive procedures such as fillings and extractions.

Smoking and excess alcohol

Both of these two habits can be costly, not only to the pocket but to the teeth and gums too. Whilst tobacco products will stain the teeth, generally rectifiable through a teeth whitening procedure, a more serious issue is the increased risk of oral cancer as well as a dry mouth which increases the number of gingival bacteria; a precursor to gingivitis.

Excess alcohol too, whilst not staining the teeth to the same degree, can put your oral health at risk in a similar way.

Dental Care

Whatever your lifestyle or choice of diet, maintaining a good oral health regime will still go a very long way to keeping your teeth and gums in good condition and looking great too. Regular brushing of the teeth, and especially the gum line, will help to remove both food particles and bacteria that can lead to dental decay and gum disease. The addition of flossing is also highly recommended for getting between the teeth. Our Wickford dental hygienist will be only too happy to demonstrate how best to do this, should you find it difficult.

Finally, even with the best diet in the world and a perfect home oral health regimen; you should not neglect having your teeth and gums examined by a dentist. We have access to tools and are in a position to examine your mouth in a way that you simply can’t do yourself. With good care though, and a healthy diet, hopefully any procedures that we may need to carry out at Cygnet Dental Practice will only be very minor.

To arrange a check up at our Wickford dental practice, or to make an appointment to see the hygienist, please call us today on 01268 733078.