Christmas Tips For Good Oral Health

Our Wickford dentist offers advice to keep your teeth and gums healthy this festive season.

Christmas is a time of the year when families get together and social occasions seem to be on an almost daily basis. Whilst this can obviously be very enjoyable, it can, if we are not careful, take its toll on our teeth and gums.

Whilst certainly not wishing to spoil the fun of Christmas, we have put together a few useful tips for patients of Cygnet Dental, your local dentist in Wickford, that we hope will enable you to see in 2017 with a healthy mouth.

Watch the sweets and chocolates

We all know that most of us eat far too many sweets, chocolates and generally unhealthy foodstuffs at this time of the year. This increase in the quantity of sugar consumed is likely to create more acids and bacteria that can attack our teeth and gums. Whilst we wouldn’t expect patients to eliminate these entirely, it is worth considering tooth friendly alternatives such as nuts and cheese that are less acidic and can help to avoid some of the damage that sugar can do.

Keep Your Teeth Clean!

This applies especially to children, but for adults too. After an active day, and with the likely consumption of excess sugar, and, for adults, possibly alcohol; when night comes and we go to bed, it can be very easy to simply skip cleaning our teeth because we are tired. Doing so though means that the sugars and acids have a full eight hours (or more) in which to damage the teeth. Make sure that your children perform their regular brushing before going to bed, and adults too should give their teeth a good brushing as well as using dental floss or small brush to remove left-over food particles. Doing so will greatly improve your chances of avoiding decay or gum disease.

Cigarettes and alcohol

Even non smokers have been known to have a cigar or two at Christmas time and alcohol consumption generally rises. Both of these increase the risk of gum disease through causing a dry mouth which in turn means that bacteria are not flushed away with saliva as they usually are. Ensuring that you don’t drink or smoke to excess is obviously the best route to take for healthy teeth and gums, but, if you do, you should still ensure that you clean your teeth well. Instead of that last beer, try drinking a reasonable quantity of water as this will help to hydrate you and avoid the worst of a dry mouth. It may also help to save you from a particularly unpleasant hangover too!

Hopefully, your Christmas will be trouble free and full of fun and these tips will help you to get the best out of the festive season and help preserve your oral health.

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