Enjoy The Festivities, But Protect Your Teeth

This time of the year can present a number of risks for our teeth.

By the time you read this blog, there is a reasonable chance that your children are just finishing up their ‘stash’ of sweets gained by trick or treating at Halloween. Perhaps you have also reduced this pile a little when your children weren’t looking?

Halloween is just the first in a series of events that occur in the next few months that pose particular challenges to maintaining healthy teeth. Our blog explains how to survive them!


If you have any sweets left from Halloween, why not throw them out or at least limit access to them? The chances are that your children have, by now, grown bored with eating the same old sweets anyway. Offer them a deal; perhaps their sweets in exchange for a magazine or small toy perhaps?

Bonfire night

Fewer people now have fireworks in their own gardens with most people attending large displays. Unfortunately, these increasingly seem to go hand in hand with a wide range of stalls selling candy floss and other high sugar products. Even traditional bonfire night treats such as bonfire toffee pose additional threats, and the likelihood is that we will see a patient or two at the Cygnet Dental Practice who has broken or chipped a tooth or lost a filling on this particularly hard form of toffee.


Long gone are the days when a child would have an orange in their Christmas stocking. These seem to have been replaced by selection packs, a cornucopia of sugary treats that kids love. Even adults seem to think that unhealthy food consumed around this time ‘does not count’. The reality is though, that sugar will damage your teeth at any time of the year and holds no respect for tradition. The last thing that you want at Christmas is to end up with a raging toothache, unable to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

New Years Eve

Whilst perhaps not so well known for its relationship to sugar (although alcohol is full of it of course), dental practices are often busy in the first few days of the new year, dealing with broken or missing teeth as the result of an alcohol influenced accident.

Remember that many alcoholic drinks are now quite strong and bear this in mind when you go out, or to a party. Try to alternate your alcohol intake with water or a soft drink. You will thank us for it the next day!


Once the new year arrives, this is an excellent time to make an appointment to see your dentist for a check up. The new year lies ahead and resolutions are often made around this time. So why not start your list with a resolution to take better care of your teeth by having them checked at your local Wickford dentists, the Cygnet Dental Practice? Please call our friendly receptionists on 01268 733078.