Ask The Dentist – Restoring A Smile

An Essex patient asks us about what we can do to improve his teeth.

This week’s question comes from a patient who has decided to make a lifestyle change and asks the Cygnet Dental Practice for help in achieving this.

Q. Hi .. They say life begins as forty, and this seems to be the case for me. Like many others I suppose, I  had a fairly exciting teens and twenties, but paid for those excesses during my thirties, putting on weight and being warned I was a potential diabetic and heart problem candidate. On my fortieth birthday, I made a pledge to change my lifestyle. Out went the junk food, (excess) alcohol and cigarettes. I smartened myself up and also now have a regular and manageable exercise routine. By and large, things are going well and I am proud of what I have achieved. The one thing I can do little about though are my teeth, which, although fairly healthy, are, if I’m honest, not really nice to look at. Could you help me to achieve this last stage of my ‘transformation’?

Thank your for your question and congratulations on what you have achieved. It can be hard work sticking to determinations like that, so, well done.

As to the last part of your question, the one that relates to our dental team; we are sure that we can help you. I note from your address that you come from nearby Downham, just a few miles away from our cosmetic dental practice, making us an ideal choice to help you to restore your smile. You don’t specify why your teeth are unattractive, so this advice is fairly general, but also typical for people seeking a smile makeover. Naturally, the first step would be to arrange an initial assessment so that a treatment plan can be made. Before any cosmetic work proceeds, we would, of course, also ensure that your teeth and gums are in good health.

As to the smile makeover treatments, there are a few which are likely to be of some benefit to you, and we will look at these in turn.

Missing teeth – If you have any missing visible teeth, you would need to have these replaced. This can be done either using standard methods such as dentures or a bridge, or, longer lasting and realistic looking dental implants. We would also recommend that any less visible missing teeth are replaced too as this helps to prevent other adjacent teeth from becoming crooked and uneven.

Uneven teeth – On that note, crooked teeth can really detract from a smile and can now be straightened using methods such as the Invisalign system, which is virtually invisible to others. Faster acting systems are also available for minor corrections of the front teeth for a nicer smile in just a few short months.

Whiter teeth – Once your teeth are healthy, complete and straight, the most obvious ‘defect’ for many people is the colour. Teeth naturally darken as we get older, and you also indicate that you smoked for many years, which will have worsened the colour, no doubt. There are two methods available here and an examination would be needed to determine which suits your circumstances best. This may be a straightforward teeth whitening procedure, or, if the discolouration is very bad, dental veneers may be more appropriate. These are also excellent at restoring cracked or chipped teeth too.

We are sure that we will be able to help you complete your aims and recommend that you visit our cosmetic dentist near Downham so that we can discuss a treatment plan to give you a great smile once more. Please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 for an initial appointment.