Teenagers – How To Have Nicer, Whiter Teeth

Great looking teeth to be proud of!

The teenage years are sometimes difficult ones. It is an age when we develop friendships that can change the course of our life for better or worse. It is also a time when we start to develop our own ‘look’, sometimes making mistakes that will be captured for eternity along the way!

Quite naturally, teenagers look to others for ideas and inspirations, and today’s generation are likely to take many of their cues from TV and film celebrities and personalities. Whilst there is no right or wrong in doing this, it can present challenges. One of which is how to have beautiful white teeth like many of them have.

Teeth whitening procedure

Where teeth become discoloured with time, a teeth whitening procedure is an ideal solution to correct this, and we do see a lot of patients from the Wickford and Basildon areas of Essex who come to the Cygnet Dental Practice for this treatment. For teenagers though, there is the problem that you have to be eighteen years old to have this procedure and it is therefore not available to those younger than that age. Often though, teenager’s teeth are reasonably ‘white’ naturally, providing that good care is taken of them. Of course, this does vary from person to person.

White teeth advice

Providing that you take care of your teeth, there is no reason for your teeth to become discoloured whilst you are in your teens. There are a number of things though, that can make them more likely to become stained.

Smoking – Hopefully, you do not smoke. There is no doubt about the long term damage that smoking can cause to your health. The tar in the cigarettes too, will stick to the tiny cracks and pits in the surface of your teeth and may cause them to become discoloured. Stub out the cigarettes and stop smoking for a healthier life and nicer looking teeth.

Sugary drinks – Kicking the sugar habit may be difficult, but it is worth it. Aside from the risk of obesity, fizzy sugary drinks especially are known to damage the teeth. One effect of this type of drink is that it gradually erodes the enamel on the tooth surface. Not only does this mean that the risk of tooth decay is greater, but that it will create the tiny pits in the enamel for food substances to stick to.

Some good habits

It is inevitable that we are all likely to eat some foods which may stain our teeth, and it goes without saying that brushing our teeth (and flossing), should be done regularly to remove any stains. There are two other things that are worth considering too.

Sugar free chewing gum – Teenagers are generally a demographic who chew a lot of gum, and the good news is that if you chew sugar free gum, you may be actually helping your teeth. A number of studies have shown that this helps to remove food debris from both the surface and between your teeth; good news all round.

Hygienist – Seeing the hygienist at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex is not only an excellent way to learn how to keep your gums healthy and free from gingivitis, but also means that you will receive a thorough clean with a high speed dental brush. This will remove much surface staining from your teeth, leaving them looking slightly whiter and feeling much fresher too.

If you are a teenager who would like to improve the condition or appearance of their teeth, we are always happy to put you on the right path. Simply call our Wickford dental practice today, for an appointment, on 01268 733078.