Travelling Abroad For Cosmetic Dentistry

A look at the potential risks and downsides to having treatment abroad.

With what looks likely to be an uncertain time ahead financially,  it is no surprise that some people appear to be looking to cut back on their expenditure. This applies to dentistry too, and especially treatments that may be deemed to be ‘desirable’ rather than necessary.

Cosmetic dental procedures tend to fall into this category and some people may be tempted to have their treatments done more cheaply, abroad.

This is entirely understandable, but may be a false economy. There are also some risks involved, even some potentially quite serious ones. In today’s blog we look at why it pays to ‘think local’ when you are considering cosmetic dentistry.

What do you know?

Perhaps you have been tempted by an offer that is at a reduced price compared to your local Wickford dental surgery ? In addition to this, maybe it also offers a hotel stay for those having dental implants abroad? On first impression, this means that you get the treatment AND a hotel, at a lower price than in the UK.

But please think about this for a moment. Yes, it is true that the cost of living can be cheaper in some countries, but that kind of difference should really set alarm bells ringing. There are costs involved in treatments such as dental implant placement and significant reductions in these potentially means that inferior products are being used.

At the Cygnet Dental Practice, our patients can be assured that we only use high quality titanium dental implants. Those used in some practices abroad that offer them at a cheap price, may well be using ones made from a mixture of materials. To the layman, this may not seem important, but the reality is that only titanium will fuse and bond optimally with the bone into which the implants are placed. This process, known as osseointegration, is at the heart of the dental implant procedure. If the implant does not fuse correctly, it will fail and you will have spent a lot of money for nothing.

Who do you know?

There are certainly some very good dentists in other countries. The problem comes in discovering who these are. It is unlikely that more experienced and skilled dentists would be offering cheap implants or veneers, so your procedure may be performed by a relative newcomer to the field, or even one who is lacking in qualifications.

In the UK, all dentists have to be registered with the GDC (General Dental Council) and to have the appropriate qualifications. Those carrying out dental implant placements will also have undergone years of additional training to make sure that they are qualified to do so. The combination of high quality training and materials used means that a dental implant placement at our Wickford practice has a significantly better chance of a positive outcome than one that has been done abroad in less well known circumstances.

In our opinion, it simply is not worth taking the risk of either failure or potentially even more serious consequences, by risking cheaper treatment abroad. We offer dental plans which help patients to spread the payments, making it more manageable for those who require it.

Before you commit yourself to a cheap dental implant offer, why not arrange a free non clinical consultation at the Cygnet Dental Practice if you live in the Wickford or Rayleigh area? We will be happy to explain the procedure with you and answer any questions that you may have.

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