Do You Need A Smile Makeover?

Looking at what this term means and how we can help at our Wickford practice in Essex.

Some of our patients may have come across the term ‘smile makeover’ in magazine articles and wondered what it actually entails. As a slogan, it might be thought to be a specific procedure that quickly produces a great smile.

The fact is, that although we don’t refer to it as such on the Cygnet Dental Practice website, we do indeed offer it, as it is simply a combination of cosmetic dental treatments designed to give you a great smile.


A smile makeover actually begins through communication between patient and dentist. During the initial consultation, a discussion is held where we discover why you are unhappy with your teeth and how you would like to improve them. From this, a variety of procedures will be discussed and a treatment plan put into place.

Dental implants

Where teeth are missing, the first step is to look at the various options to replace the gap in your teeth. There are a number of procedures available, including dentures and bridges.  A more stable and secure option proving popular with our local patients from Wickford, Runwell and Southgate are dental implants. These act as artificial teeth roots and are placed into the jawbone and a crown placed on top. Given good oral health care, these can last for twenty or more years and are as natural a replacement as is currently available.


Crooked teeth can detract from a smile and can also cause additional problems with uneven wear of teeth and even jaw pain and headaches. Unlike dental braces of old, modern orthodontics are significantly less visible and more comfortable. There are a variety of types available including the popular Invisalign brace for straightening teeth. The best option for your needs will be discussed during the consultation.


For patients without the need for either of the above procedures, there is a good chance that a teeth whitening procedure will be all that is needed to have a fantastic smile. This is a simple, fast acting and affordable treatment that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, using customised trays that we will provide. Guidance and further advice is always available for the duration of the treatment (usually a week or so), should you need it.


For patients with heavily stained or poor quality teeth, such as where cracks and chips are visible, having dental veneers fitted may be a preferable option. These act by replacing a fine layer of enamel from the front of the teeth with porcelain veneers in a minimally invasive procedure. With care, new veneers should last for approximately ten years and are easily replaced once they have lost their effect.

If you have ever wondered if you would benefit from a smile makeover, why not arrange to see one of the cosmetic dentists at the Cygnet Dental Practice who will discuss this with you and develop a treatment plan should you decide to take up the option. Please call us today at our Wickford practice on 01268 733078.