Looking For A Children’s Dentist in Wickford, Runwell, Downham or Shotgate?

Living in a less populated area does not mean that your child’s oral health should suffer.

Being situated in a town such as Wickford, we find that many of our patients come to us from surrounding villages such as those mentioned above. We hope that your experience at our friendly dental practice encourages you to recommend us to your friends, including those with children.

Many parents, and especially those who are first time parents, seem to be unsure about when they should take their child to see the dentist for the first time. Understandably, some parents may see the milk teeth as ‘disposable’ and only arrange an appointment once the adult teeth start to show. Our advice, at the Cygnet Dental Practice, is that, ideally, a child should first visit a dentist when they are approximately a year old and their milk teeth are starting to come through.

Dental phobia

Many phobias that we hold originate from childhood experiences, and dental phobia is no exception. Unfortunately, many children’s first experience of a dental surgery comes when they have a raging toothache, possibly caused by decay from eating too many sweets. In this situation, it is possible that they will learn to dread visiting a dentist. However, by bringing a child to see us at a very early age, it is extremely unlikely that any treatment will be needed, but it will help the child to become accustomed to the smells and sounds of a dental practice. Hopefully this will help them avoid the fear of dentists which can lead to poor oral health in later life.


Bringing a child at a young age also gives us an opportunity to discuss with the parent, the best method of caring for their child’s teeth. As well as advice on diet etc, brushing techniques can be discussed. This is important as many parents continue what their parents taught them, and which is often not as effective as newer methods. In fact, some parents that have brought their children to the Cygnet Dental Practice have admitted that they, themselves, have not seen a dentist for a while but have then joined us following their positive experience when visiting us.

Adult teeth

Whilst it is important to take care of milk teeth, and especially ensuring that gum disease does not become a problem; it is the adult teeth that really do need to be looked after. If you have not brought your child to us until the adult teeth come through, it can be very difficult to persuade the child to go, whereas a child that has seen us from a young age is more likely to see it as a continuation of something that they have always done. This helps us to monitor their teeth and gums for decay and gum disease, and to treat any issues arising at a very early stage.

If you are looking for a caring friendly dentist in Essex, and perhaps live in one of the smaller villages such as Downham or Shotgate, why not give the Cygnet Dental Practice a call on 01268 733078 and arrange an appointment for yourself, or your children.