The Importance Of Early Years Dental Care

Why it’s never too early for parents from Wickford, Downham or Shotgate to visit the Cygnet Dental Practice.

When a child is born, one of the last things on a parent’s mind will be the dentist, and quite rightly so at this very early stage. Unfortunately, many parents also take too long before taking their child to the dentist, often waiting until they are at an age when regular sweet consumption is common – and damage to the teeth has begun.

Whilst there is no hard and fast rule about when to take your child to the dentist for the first time, we generally suggest that it should be around their first birthday. Although it is rare to detect any problems at this age, it is helpful as it encourages the parent to register their child with a dental practice, but also starts to accustom the child to the smells and sounds of a dental practice. Many experts believe that this early introduction helps to avoid anxiety in patients as they become older too.

Early detection

By visiting our Wickford children’s dentist from an early age, it enables us to spot any early warning signs of dental problems. In very young children this often manifests as dental decay, usually from eating too many sweets, combined with poor brushing.

Our aim at the Cygnet Dental Practice, is to encourage younger patients to take better care of their teeth, whilst obviously carrying out any necessary treatments. Visits to our hygienist are useful too; not only to help to prevent gum disease, but also as an educational facility, where the child can gain an understanding of why and how to take good care of their teeth. This is often better received from an adult outside of their immediate family.


As your child becomes older, a not uncommon problem is that of uneven teeth. This is best corrected at an early stage and we offer a wide range of orthodontics which can help them to achieve a straight and even set of teeth. Not only is this important to them from an aesthetic viewpoint, especially in their teenage years, but will also help them to clean their teeth better, especially in the spaces between the teeth, where interdental cleaning is difficult if dental floss or interdental brushes will not fit between.

Setting an example

If you, yourself, have neglected your teeth and haven’t seen a dentist in some time; why not set an example to your children and book an appointment to visit us too? It is rarely too late to restore your mouth to a healthy state, and, even where teeth are so badly decayed that they need to be extracted, there are excellent options to replace them, including the popular dental implant method.

So, if your child is coming up to their first birthday, why not give them a birthday present that can have a lasting effect throughout their life by booking an appointment at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford on 01268 733078.