Are You Self Conscious About Your Smile?

Has your ‘selfie’ highlighted issues with the appearance of our teeth.

The ‘selfie’ has, perhaps, proved to be one of the most popular uses of many social media platforms. Initially popular with the younger generation, it is not unusual to see older people posting photographs of themselves, taken on their camera phone.

Submitting your photograph online means that it can be seen by thousands of people, perhaps millions, if it goes viral. Very often too, it can reveal to ourselves, aspects of our smile that we are far from happy with.

Beware the angle!

Like, we suspect, other cosmetic dentists across Essex, we have seen a number of patients who have visited us, concerned about how their teeth looked in these photographs, and to see what we could do to improve them. There are a number of procedures that we have available at the Cygnet Dental Practice which will we discuss in a minute, but, first we should say that some commonly voiced concerns such as ‘my teeth look too big’ are nothing more than the camera angle used. The same can sometimes be said about the shade of whiteness of your teeth. The only way to be sure is to have them looked at by a dentist. Just because your ‘selfie’ wasn’t too flattering doesn’t necessarily mean that there are big issues with your teeth!


It is not only to look better in selfies though, that people want to have nicer looking teeth for. Apart from the aesthetic aspect of it, a nice smile can also help to boost confidence and attract others to you. The two key factors in having a beautiful smile are evenness and whiteness of the teeth. Both of these can be corrected using the latest techniques employed by our experienced cosmetic dentists. Teeth whitening is, in fact, one of our most popular cosmetic treatment and very affordable too.

The ability to whiten your teeth safely and in the comfort of your own home is something that we are able to offer for our patients who travel to us from across Essex. Unlike the kits that can be bought commercially, these kits are designed specifically for your own teeth. This means that the tray in which the whitening ingredient is placed, fits not only comfortably, but safely too, keeping any risk of burning to an absolute minimum.

Results of home whitening can usually be seen within a week, and, within a fortnight, you will be able to see the full whitening effect.


Although not always as fast acting as traditional braces, having straighter teeth is now readily achievable with the modern range of near invisible braces that we offer at our practice. These are much more comfortable than old style braces, and, in some cases, such as the popular Invisalign orthodontic system, almost entirely invisible to others.

If you are unhappy with your smile, why not arrange a consultation with our cosmetic dental team by calling the Cygnet Dental Practice today on 01268 733078?