Lacking in Confidence?

Creating a great smile can be the decision that changes your life.

Sometimes, a decision that we make to change one aspect of our life, can have large impacts on other areas of our life too.

Whilst we won’t claim that cosmetic dentistry will turn you into a supermodel, for example; it can certainly do more for you than simply improve your smile, beneficial though this is.

Whilst a smile improvement is primarily the reason that most patients come to Cygnet Dental in Wickford, perhaps for teeth whitening and straightening, we often hear back from them telling us how much difference it has also made to their confidence and daily lives too.


Studies have shown, time and again, that the first thing that people usually notice about us is our smile. Whilst a ‘sexy pout’ might attract some; for the majority, a warm and friendly smile is far more likely to attract someone to you. This is obviously important for those seeking relationships, but is also important in other areas of our lives. Even on a day to day basis, how people perceive us initially may be down to little more than whether we have an attractive and friendly smile.

Studies have even shown that, all other things being fairly equal; a candidate with a nice smile is more likely to get a job than candidates who don’t. Naturally, other factors will come into play but there is little getting away from the fact that a smile says a lot about a person’s personality.


Of course, to have a great smile, you need to be confident that your teeth don’t look discoloured and crooked. Anyone with unattractive teeth is likely to be less inclined to smile and that can mean that their true personality doesn’t get a fair chance to shine through. The good news though is that there are a number of simple cosmetic dental procedures available to dental patients from Wickford and the surrounding areas, that can change your smile, sometimes almost overnight.

The most popular of these procedures is tooth whitening. This particular whitening method is easy to use in the comfort of your own home and results should start to be visible in approximately one week. For those with badly stained, or chipped, teeth, dental veneers may offer a better solution. Even crooked teeth can now be straightened without the need for unsightly metal braces. A wide range of modern invisible braces, including Invisalign, is now available from the Cygnet Dental Practice in Essex and can even out your teeth in a comfortable and discreet manner.

For any advice on cosmetic dental improvements, or to arrange a consultation at our local dental practice, please call Cygnet Dental on 01268 733078.