Your Personalised Dental Plan

Catering for your individual needs at the Cygnet Dental Practice.

Whilst our skills at diagnosing dental problems and treating them effectively is the most important aspect of our work; of course we also believe in treating our patients with the courtesy and respect that they deserve, helping to guide them and offering appropriate advice when it comes to selecting the best procedures for their own needs.

This approach applies equally to our cosmetic dental treatments, as it does to any general dentistry that might be needed. We appreciate that the decision to have cosmetic dental treatments at our practice may not have been taken lightly, and, in some cases, patients may be stretching their budget to achieve the smile that they want.

Your individual treatment

All treatment plans start with a consultation with one of our dentists who will discuss the results that you hope to achieve, and will also give your teeth and gums a thorough examination. One thing that you can be certain of at our Essex cosmetic dental practice is that we are not here simply to take your money and go ahead with a cosmetic procedure that is either not the correct one for you, or, where there are other oral health issues which need dealing with first.

An example of this is where a patient may come to us wanting dental veneers to improve the appearance of their damaged front teeth. Whilst this is often an excellent choice; for some patients, such as those who grind their teeth, we would, perhaps, not recommend this as an ideal solution, as grinding the teeth would most likely dislodge them.

Basics first

Even where a patient has come for a simple procedure such as teeth whitening, if we notice that there are signs of gum disease, we will ensure that the patient is aware of this and recommend that this issue is dealt with first. Clearly it makes sense to deal with oral health issues before progressing with cosmetic treatments.

Looking great

Once a patient has healthy teeth, the next step for many is for them to look great too. Patients from surrounding towns such as Shotgate and Runwell often tell us that they have chosen to travel the short distance to the Cygnet Dental Practice to access the wide range of cosmetic procedures available, as well as the high quality treatment that they receive from our dental team.

We are here to help you have healthy teeth and gums, but also to help you to achieve a great smile too. If you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look, we recommend that you arrange a consultation with one of our Essex dental team where we can examine your oral health and discuss an appropriate treatment plan to help you achieve your aims.

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