Getting Married? Here’s How We Can Help Make Your Special Day, Extra Special!

Wickford dentist, Dr Krupa Thakrar looks at how a smile makeover can help provide long lasting memories.

Getting married is a major event for most people. It can be incredibly stressful for those doing the planning and also an expensive event too, with even a relatively simple wedding costing several thousands of pounds.

In the middle of being very busy and probably quite anxious about getting things right, some things sometimes get put aside that could actually make a real difference to your wedding day.

We may sometimes spend a lot of time paying attention to small details such as the seating name labels, but often forget ourselves in the middle of all this.

Memories will be important

Although your wedding may seem to fly by on the day, you will almost certainly be looking at photographs of the big day for many years to come. You will probably have spent a small fortune on your dress, makeup and hairstyle etc, but will you have forgotten how important a fantastic smile is on your wedding photos, especially as they are likely to be widely shared on social media platforms?

If your smile has ‘flaws’ such as crookedness or discolouration, this will be immortalised forever when you look back at your photographs and wedding videos. It doesn’t have to be this way though, and the Cygnet Dental Practice can offer you a selection of cosmetic dental procedures that can really give you a wedding ready smile.

For the purposes of this blog, we will presume that all of your visible teeth, when you smile, are present. If they are not, please talk to us about replacement options including dentures and dental implants. Both of these will successfully cosmetically and functionally replace missing teeth, though dental implants do offer a more secure solution.

Unsightly Crooked teeth

If your teeth are crooked and uneven, it is best to start considering treatment for this well in advance of your wedding day. The treatment needed will depend on the type and extent of the problem. If your teeth are badly crooked; even though the full correction may not be completed in time for your wedding, there may still be scope for significant improvement in the time available and we will discuss this with you during your initial consultation with us.

Unlike some traditional wired braces, modern full mouth orthodontics such as Invisalign can simply be removed by the patient and returned to the mouth after the wedding with a minimum of fuss. So nothing to spoil those wedding day photographs!

Where a relatively minor issue is present, such as a small adjustment being needed on the visible front teeth, there are now a number of orthodontic systems available which work purely on what are sometimes called the ‘social six’ teeth. That is those that are visible when you smile. These generally work significantly faster than where a full mouth correction is needed.

One of the most popular of this type of orthodontic is the Six Month Smile. The six months mentioned in the name is an average, and, in some cases, the treatment may not take as long to work. It is still best to have your consultation as early as possible though, so that your orthodontic treatment can be planned for the maximum benefit.

If you are worried that your braces will be visible even outside of your wedding day, you needn’t be. The Six Month Smile technique uses tooth coloured wiring and brackets that render them very discreet to those around you. You will need to make sure to keep the teeth clean while you wear them, and we will offer cleaning advice should you decide on this option.

A bright while smile

Once your teeth have been straightened, the most obvious thing that you can do to improve your smile is to have your teeth whitened. This is a straightforward and affordable way of having the best smile possible for your big day. Our tooth whitening treatment is designed to be carried out at home with ongoing guidance from our cosmetic dental team. In just a couple of weeks, you can have a great looking white smile again!

Facial aesthetics

Finally, for those looking for the finishing touches, why not consider our anti wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers? You can have smoother skin and fuller lips to make you look really radiant on perhaps the most important day of your life. Our treatments are both safe and effective and are carried out by our qualified and experienced facial aesthetics team.

To arrange a consultation with one of the cosmetic dentists at the Cygnet Dental Practice, please call our Wickford dental clinic on 01268 733038. We look forward to helping your prepare for the big day ahead!

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