Cracked Teeth? How We Can Help At The Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford

Cracks in the teeth come in all shapes and forms; some more serious than others.

Few people have perfect looking teeth, and a close examination will usually reveal a few ‘flaws’ with our own. One relatively common flaw is when teeth become cracked. There is an important distinction here though, between a cosmetic crack and a deeper one.

Cosmetic cracks

Everyday wear and tear, along with the age of our teeth, can often result in very minor cracks in the teeth. These are sometimes compared to crazy paving on our teeth and may be referred to as ‘crazed teeth’. These and minor lines running from top to bottom of the tooth, are often nothing to worry about medically, but they can detract from an otherwise attractive smile.

The only effective way to restore these teeth to their former glory is to replace the damaged surface enamel with porcelain dental veneers which offer a relatively accessible way to have a great looking smile. The procedure itself does require a little dental surgery to prepare the surface of the teeth but this should not cause any significant discomfort.

Deeper cracks

If you do notice a crack in your teeth that you haven’t spotted before, don’t wait until your next appointment for your dentist to take a look at it. If the crack has gone deeper than the surface enamel, it needs to be treated to prevent issues such as dental decay or root canal infection. Make sure that you make a prompt appointment to see the dentist at our Wickford practice to prevent any of these more serious problems from occurring.

Depending on the severity of the crack, it may be possible to repair it using dental bonding. Alternatively, veneers may also be used to protect the tooth, rather than purely as a cosmetic treatment. Where the crack has already allowed bacteria to enter, it might be possible that you need a filling to repair the tooth. This can be done using a cosmetic tooth coloured filling; something you may wish to consider if it is a visible tooth.

Avoiding cracked teeth

Whilst some minor cracking is likely and often unavoidable over time, the more serious type of cracking can result from neglect of your teeth. Regular home care, along with visits to the Cygnet Dental Practice to see the dentist and hygienist should be sufficient to keep your teeth healthy. Another factor which can cause more serious cracking of the teeth is bruxism, or teeth grinding. This is relatively common and you should discuss it with your dentist if you are susceptible to it.

Finally, remember that your teeth are for biting and eating, not for opening packets or bottles! You might be surprised how many patients we see who have received damage caused by practises such as this. Please don’t do it!

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