Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures To Improve Your Smile

Our Wickford cosmetic dentists offer the opportunity for a great looking smile!

Most of us will probably have something about our teeth that we are not entirely happy with. Even those with strong and healthy teeth may notice flaws in their appearance and wish that they could change the way that they look.

The good news is that they can, and, at the Cygnet Dental Practice, we offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that are designed to do just that.

From a simple tooth coloured filling, to a complex dental implant placement, our Wickford cosmetic dentists can help you to achieve the smile that you wish to create.

Initial consultation

Before any treatment can start, we need to understand what it is that our patients wish to achieve. The initial consultation allows the dentist and patient to discuss this and arrange a suitable treatment plan. It is also an excellent opportunity to ensure that any problems, such as decay or gum disease, are resolved before cosmetic dental procedures commence.

We will leave the more complex implant procedure for another blog, and today, take a look at three of the most common cosmetic dental procedures that we offer at the Cygnet Dental Practice.


Whether you need a fast acting solution for your visible front teeth only, or if you need more extensive orthodontic treatment, we are able to help. Where you might need treatment for rear as well as front teeth, the increasingly popular Invisalign system could be ideal. Although Invisalign may have to be worn for a relatively long period of time, they are almost invisible, being produced from transparent medical grade plastic, and can be removed when eating and for cleaning the teeth. This revolutionary method then, offers both comfort and convenience for our Wickford and Rayleigh dental patients.

For those requiring cosmetic improvements of the ‘social six’, i.e. the front six top and bottom teeth, the Six Month Smiles system is both discreet and fast acting and is an excellent way to improve your smile.

Teeth Whitening

This is one of our most popular cosmetic dental procedures, allowing your teeth to be whitened in your own home. Custom trays are made using impressions of your teeth, into which a whitening gel is placed before fitting over the teeth. The trays are usually available a week or so after your appointment and within a few weeks of use, you will notice a distinct improvement in the colour of your teeth.

Dental veneers

Where teeth are badly stained or have suffered minor damage such as chips and cracks, porcelain dental veneers may offer a more effective approach than simple whitening. Instead of whitening the actual enamel of the teeth, veneers are produced to replace a fine layer from the damaged surface. Veneers are both strong and long lasting, and, due to their non porous nature, are highly resistant to staining and discolouration.

If you would like to make improvements to the way that your teeth look, why not allow us to offer a treatment plan that will put the smile back on your face? Simply call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 to arrange your initial appointment.