Fed up with Unattractive Teeth?

Dental veneers might be just the solution that you need – ask your Wickford dentist!

You may have noticed the increasing amount of TV advertisements for tooth whitening toothpastes. This is perhaps a sign that, increasingly, we are not only looking at keeping our teeth healthy, but also attractive looking too.

We will discuss these toothpastes in a later blog, but suffice to say for now, results that should be expected from them are limited and significantly better results are to be had from a professional tooth whitening procedure such as those offered at our Wickford dental practice.

Severe staining

Whilst teeth whitening treatments are very effective, fast acting and affordable, they obtain the best results on teeth that have not been too severely stained by, perhaps, years of smoking or consumption of teeth staining substances such as red wine. Chipped or cracked teeth too, will not benefit from a whitening procedure. At the Cygnet Dental Practice, whilst we try to be the least invasive in our procedures that we possibly can; we also have to be honest with our dental patients from across Essex and advise those with severely stained or cracked teeth, the limits of what a whitening procedure will achieve.

Dental veneers

For these people, following a consultation and examination, we are likely to suggest dental veneers as an alternative to a whitening procedure. These are an excellent solution for restoring teeth which are damaged or stained to a more significant degree. The veneers are precision made from porcelain and come in very fine layers. They are, in effect, used to replace the damaged front surface of the teeth, and for this reason, are used almost exclusively on only the visible front teeth.

To prepare the teeth for dental veneers, the patient will be given a local anaesthetic and a small amount of enamel removed from the front surface of the affected teeth. Impressions are then taken and sent to a laboratory for the veneers to be custom made for you. As the removal of the affected enamel will expose the teeth to hot and cold more, temporary veneers will be fitted whilst your customised ones are made. This usually takes a fortnight or so. When your new porcelain veneers have been returned to our Wickford practice, you will be recalled and the temporary veneers removed.

The new veneers will then be attached using dental cement, before being shaped and polished to give them a very natural and attractive appearance. Your new veneers should last for many years and we will advise you how to get the best from them during your consultations.

If you would like your teeth to look naturally attractive once again, it is not too late. Why not call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 to arrange a consultation and see what we can do to improve your smile.