Restoring Your Smile With Porcelain Veneers

A cosmetic dental procedure to help roll back the years.

In the same way that our skin and facial features change over time, so do our teeth. Not only do they appear more discoloured, as the inner part of the tooth darkens, but also, they are likely to have received a few minor ‘injuries’ to the surface in the form of small chips and cracks. Whilst more significant damage may require dental treatment to prevent decay, even minor damage that doesn’t can affect the appearance of your teeth through years of wear and tear.

Whilst a teeth whitening procedure can give teeth that are in good shape a real boost, the same treatment on chipped and cracked teeth would be unlikely to have such an effect.

Dental veneers

As a cosmetic dentist in Essex of long-standing, we are pleased to offer a solution to this problem in the form of dental veneers. Unlike a whitening treatment which treats the natural tooth, a dental veneer replaces a fine layer from the front of the visible damaged teeth. The veneers themselves are produced at a dental laboratory from x-rays and photographs that are taken during the initial phase of treatment. This allows them to be produced in a colour and style to match your natural teeth.

In order to fit the new veneers, a very fine layer of the damaged enamel is ‘shaved’ from the front of the teeth. To protect the teeth and reduce the sensitivity that would otherwise be experienced, we will fit your teeth with temporary veneers whilst your bespoke ones are being produced at the laboratory. On their return, the temporary veneers will be removed and your new porcelain veneers will be attached to the front of the teeth with a very strong dental adhesive. In order to ensure that the new appearance of your teeth is as attractive as possible, the veneers will then be trimmed of any rough edges and polished to give them a great shine.

Smile again

We have patients of the Cygnet Dental Practice who have come, not only from Wickford, but the surrounding towns of Downham and Shotgate to have dental veneers fitted, and have told us what a difference it has made to their lives. Although we can’t take all the credit for making people happy, these patients have told us how their confidence was boosted by having young and attractive looking teeth again, which gave them the confidence to smile and socialise more.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist in Essex who can fit dental veneers to an excellent standard, why not call us to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs.

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