Cosmetic Dentistry Q&A

Addressing some of the more common questions about cosmetic dentistry.

At the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford, Essex, we regularly get asked a lot of questions about cosmetic dentistry, both from patients who are looking to improve their smile and from those that may, initially at least, appear quite unsure about its need.

We are always happy to answer questions with regard to any dental treatment, and in this blog we address some of the more common ones about cosmetic treatments.

Isn’t it just about vanity?

This is a misconception about cosmetic dental treatment. Sometimes referred to as a ‘Hollywood Smile’, many people associate cosmetic dentistry with ‘perfect’ Hollywood stars. Although it may be true that some people do wish to mimic this look, the vast majority of patients simply want to improve their smile and give their confidence a boost. With studies showing that having a great smile improves life chances in areas such as career and relationship, it is hardly surprising that boosting our smile is high on many people’s wish lists.

Isn’t it expensive?

Because cosmetic dental treatments are not available on the NHS, except in exceptional circumstances, the full cost of these treatments has to be borne by the patient. The cost though, does depend on which treatment is chosen. For example, a teeth whitening procedure is affordable for most people, and, following the initial home whitening procedure, you will still have the trays and therefore topping up the whiteness of your teeth in future, will be even less expensive.

Other treatments, such as dental implants, are certainly more expensive but offer the best solution for replacing missing teeth, and last for a very long time, making them good value for money over the longer term.

Why put myself through unnecessary pain?

Most cosmetic procedures such as whitening and veneers, should not cause any pain, and only minor discomfort. More invasive procedures such as dental implants, will be performed using a powerful local anaesthetic, reducing any discomfort that might be felt. Many of our Wickford patients who have raised this question and gone through with their procedure would certainly tell you that, for a small amount of discomfort, the long term benefits were well worth it.

What about side effects?

There should be no long lasting side effects with any cosmetic dental procedures, providing that you follow the aftercare instructions that we give you. Some treatments, such as the fitting of dental veneers, can leave some patients with additional sensitivity, but this should only last a few days, before returning to normal.

We hope that this blog has answered some of your questions about cosmetic dentistry and are happy to answer any others that you might have. Simply call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 and speak to our helpful dental team.