Dental Veneers For Badly Stained Teeth

When a teeth whitening procedure is not enough….

Over the years, at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Essex, we have performed many teeth whitening procedures; the vast majority of which have seen our patients delighted with the results once they have completed the treatment.

For some patients though, the teeth whitening procedure works only so far, and will not completely restore the whiteness of their teeth, although some improvement will be seen.

This usually occurs in those patients whose teeth have become very badly stained, often through the use of tobacco, or teeth staining substances like tea or red wine. Some patients also have teeth that have become cracked or chipped, and, whilst these can be whitened, this procedure usually only serves to highlight these defects in the teeth.

Dental veneers

All is not lost though, and there is a solution available to our Wickford patients when whitening alone is insufficient, and that solution comes in the form of porcelain dental veneers. Whilst a teeth whitening procedure works on the natural tooth, whitening it as the treatment progresses; dental veneers are used, instead, to replace the heavily stained front surface of the enamel. This not only provides a whiter tooth surface but also replaces any chips and cracks that can be seen.

Although the procedure is a little more invasive than a whitening procedure, it should cause no significant discomfort, and, once fitted, the new veneers should stay in place for approximately ten years, when they can simply be replaced if required. The procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic to numb the area and the damaged front surface of the tooth is then shaved away using a dental burr. Impressions are taken which are sent to a dental laboratory where the veneers are produced to match your natural teeth.

As their production can take a week or so, temporary veneers will be fitted to the teeth to prevent any damage and to minimise any sensitivity. These will be removed once the porcelain veneers have been returned and are attached to the teeth using a very strong dental cement to hold them securely in place. The new porcelain veneers are then shaped and polished to give the patient great looking and whiter teeth that they can be proud of.

Because a teeth whitening procedure is highly effective and non invasive, we recommend looking at this as a first option. However, where we feel it may be ineffective, we will also offer the option of dental veneers for a more permanent solution.

In order to establish whether you might need a whitening procedure or perhaps dental veneers, the best way is to arrange a consultation at the Cygnet Dental Practice by calling us on 01268 733078. We’ll be pleased to assist you!