Are You Ever Too Old For Dental Implants?

Why older patients of the Cygnet Dental Practice should not rule out dental implants.

Whilst many cosmetic dental procedures are often aimed at younger and middle aged patients, this does not mean that elderly patients don’t benefit from them as well. Badly discoloured teeth, for example, can be restored to a new whiteness that can help remove years from your appearance.

One of the treatments that older people from the Wickford area really can benefit from, in practical as well as aesthetic ways, are dental implants.

Too old?

As to the question of whether a patient is ever too old for implants, the simple answer is probably not. That said, general health will need to be taken into account and anyone who is very frail may not wish to undergo non-essential invasive dental surgery. Providing that you are in reasonable health though, dental implants can be placed for patients aged eighty and beyond. Even osteoporosis, a condition that causes bone loss and is common in the elderly, need not prevent implants from being placed.

Where bone loss has occurred in the jaw, it is usually possible to perform a graft in order to build up sufficient quantity of bone for the implant to be placed into. Where significant tooth loss has occurred, it may be possible to replace your inconvenient dentures using an ‘all on 4’ procedure to hold a full fixed bridge of teeth in place. This can often be performed without the need for a bone graft, even where there is insufficient bone for individual implant placement.

Why bother?

Older patients especially may wonder why they should undergo this treatment and whether they would really benefit from having implants placed. Aside from avoiding the everyday problems of keeping your dentures clean and keeping them in the mouth without them becoming loose, implants offer older patients many benefits.

The main advantage of implants for older patients is in their practical use. Whilst dentures offer a reasonable cosmetic benefit, many people find them to be relatively impractical when eating. This can cause some people to avoid certain foods, or even cause them to avoid eating out due to the difficulties their dentures might cause.

With dental implants, there are none of these problems. Not only will older patients with dental implants be able to eat anything that they like, but also enjoy the company of others as they rediscover social confidence.

With life expectancy improving, many of us will be living longer and leading relatively active lives into our senior years. It makes sense, therefore, to gain the maximum enjoyment of our later years whilst we can.

If you an an older Wickford or Rayleigh patient and would like to know more about dental implants, and perhaps how your health condition might affect your suitability to have them, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078. We’ll be pleased to meet you to discuss!