Dental Implants – Rear Teeth

Implants offer more than simply a cosmetic solution to missing teeth.

The majority of patients who visit our Essex dental practice for dental implants, do so because they have lost a tooth that is visible when they smile. This is entirely natural, and, whilst there are alternatives such as a partial denture or a dental bridge, only a dental implant compensates fully for a missing natural tooth.

Whilst replacement of the visible front teeth with implants is common, where a rear tooth has been lost, some patients simply feel that as no one can see it, replacement is not necessary and so choose to leave a gap. However, leaving a gap wherever it is, is not really a good idea, and the specific role played by rear teeth means that their replacement is also advisable.

The role of rear teeth

Whilst having less of an effect on your appearance,  the rear teeth play an important role of breaking down the food that we eat, grinding and chewing to make food easier to swallow and digest. Whilst dentures can offer some help in this role, there are often limits to the foods that can be eaten. With dental implants, once fused fully with the jawbone, you should be able to eat a full range of foods, irrespective of whether they are “sticky” or quite tough. Indeed, anything you can tackle with your natural teeth, can also be tackled with dental implants.


Although missing a rear tooth may not be as visibly noticeable as the loss of a front tooth, that does not mean it has no noticeable effect at all. In fact, there are two ways in which the loss of a tooth in this area can change your appearance. Firstly, once a tooth has been lost, the bone in the jaw thins and this can sometimes lead to the appearance of having sunken cheeks. This can have the effect of making someone appear to be older than they actually are.

Secondly, losing a tooth has a knock on effect, wherever in the mouth it is. Once a space appears between the teeth, the others around it will start to move. Over a period of time, this can cause teeth to become crooked and uneven.


Whilst we are on the subject of tooth loss, we are only too aware that sometimes this can happen unexpectedly as a result of an accident; perhaps a sporting incident or some other facial trauma. In circumstance such as this, the first thing to do is to contact us to arrange an emergency appointment so we can help relieve pain and check to make sure that there is no long term damage. Should you have lost a tooth like this, we can also advise about dental implants as a long-term, natural-looking and strong replacement.

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