Dental Implants for a Stronger Alternative to Dentures

Dental implants are now available for Essex patients at Cygnet Dental.

For many years, when a number of teeth had been lost, the most popular method to replace them was the use of a denture. This could consist of just a few substitute teeth or even a full arch. Where individual teeth were lost, a dental bridge may well have been used to replace it. Both of these methods have their benefits, and bridges, in particular, offer a degree of stability that dentures sometimes don’t.

Both however, fail to halt the deterioration of bone in the area of the jaw where the tooth has been lost. This can result in facial shape change and result in a more aged appearance.

Dental Implants

Increasingly, our patients from Wickford and across the county of Essex are turning to dental implants to replace missing teeth. Whilst this is a more invasive procedure than having dentures or a bridge fitted, the long term benefits are more than worth it. The implants themselves are not actually the replacement teeth, as some people think, but are, in effect, a replacement tooth root, upon which a dental crown is attached once the root has bonded with the bone in the jaw.

These implants are made from titanium which is currently the only known material to fuse so firmly with the natural bone of the body.


At the patient’s initial consultation, scans and x-rays will be taken which act to ascertain that there is sufficient bone available into which to place the implant. For those who lack the necessary density, a bone graft prior to the procedure may be necessary. These scans will also determine the exact positioning of the implants to give them the maximum security. Once the positioning has been determined; using precision dental tools, holes will be drilled into the jawbone and the dental implants placed into these.

A period of time, usually in the region of three months, is then necessary to allow the implant to fuse with the bone, a process known as osseointegration.  Once this period has passed, the implants will be held firmly in place, providing a very secure base upon which the crowns can be attached.


Although the 3 month period may seem a long time to wait for the fusion of bone and implant to work, the benefits of doing so are significant. Once the crown has been attached, the patient will have replacement teeth that look natural and are as strong, or perhaps even stronger, than their natural teeth and can be treated exactly as you would your regular teeth.

With regular care and professional dental checks which we provide at your local Wickford dentists, dental implants can be expected to last for fifteen years, and in some cases, more.

If you are considering how to replace a missing tooth, why not talk to us about dental implants by calling the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.