Dental Implants – Past, Present and Future

Looking at how dental implants have developed, from their first implementation.

Increasingly, dental implants are seen as the most logical and practical way to replace a missing tooth. Lacking the potential discomfort and inconvenience of dentures, it is not surprising that many patients from the Wickford and South Woodham area are turning to this procedure when they need to have a missing tooth replaced.

Dental implants did not happen overnight, of course, and today, we take a brief look at the history and future of this procedure.


Evidence of early dental implants dates back to Mayan times, approximately 1350 years before modern implants were used. These took the form of a shaped piece of seashell that was placed into the bone. This would have been ineffective from a practical viewpoint, and there is some debate about whether this would have been for cosmetic purposes only, or even whether it had been placed following the death of the person in order for them to be made more attractive for the afterlife.

It is safe to say though, that these early attempts would offer little in the way of strength or stability, and it was not until the accidental discovery of the osseointegration process by a Swedish scientist, Per Branemark, in the 1950s, that dental implants finally offered an effective way of replacing a missing tooth.


At the Cygnet Dental Practice, we are pleased to offer the latest dental implants. Whether a single implant is needed, or a full arch replacement using same day dental implants, you will find that our local implant dentists are highly skilled and experienced, and you will be in very good hands for the duration of the treatment. We are always looking at new developments and new technologies that aid this procedure to ensure that our patients receive the best treatment possible.

The future

As mentioned above, our practice is a modern one, using state of the art technology, and we work hard to stay abreast of advances in the implant field, of which there are many.

One very recent development though, will probably take a long time to become common practice. In China, a patient recently had a dental implant placed by a robot; yes, a robot!  The procedure was a success and was supervised by professionals. Although robots are considered likely to take many jobs in the future, that of the implant dentist at our Wickford practice is unlikely to be one of them for quite some time to come.

If you would like to find out about how we can use implants to improve both the appearance and functionality of your teeth, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.