Replacement Teeth In A Single Day In Essex

Minimising treatment time when restoring your teeth with ‘same day’ implants.

Losing the odd individual tooth or two can be relatively easily managed for example by replacing them with a bridge, partial denture or individual dental implants.

When a large number, or a full arch of teeth, have been lost though, the choices become more limited.

A regular bridge is out of the question as these need to be fixed to existing natural teeth, and to replace each missing tooth with an individual dental implant would be impractical. Traditionally, full arch teeth replacement would be resolved with dentures. However, for many people these are not an ideal answer and can become uncomfortable and unstable after a while.

Same day implants

At the Cygnet Dental surgery in Wickford, we offer patients a stable and strong alternative that can often be done in just one day. This procedure, known as ‘teeth in a day’, ‘same day implants’ or sometimes ‘all on 4’ and, unlike individual implants, does not require a fairly lengthy osseointegration period where the bone and implant fuse. Whilst the procedure does use dental implants, usually four but sometimes five or six, the difference lies with the alignment and use of specially designed implants that are placed at the rear of the mouth. Whilst the two implants at the front are regular implants, the rear ones are placed into the jawbone at a carefully calculated angle. This allows for extra stability and can often be used for patients with low bone mass in the jaw, without a prior bone graft.

Replacement teeth

These four (or more) dental implants act as an anchor to attach the replacement teeth to. This usually comes in the form of either a fixed bridge or sometimes to anchor cosmetic dentures. Once these have been attached to the implants, the procedure is completed and the patient is free to leave our Wickford practice with a full set of functional replacement teeth. Whilst it is not necessary to be cautious about eating certain foods for fear of damaging the implants, we do still advise patients to be a little cautious in their diet. As you might expect, there is likely to be some soreness in the area of the procedure and eating softer foods will allow this to heal more easily initially.

In addition to this, if you have been without teeth for a while, having a new set of teeth may feel a little unusual until you become accustomed to them. For these reasons, we suggest that patients start with a diet of very soft foods and gradually work their way towards their normal diet.

If you have any problems or questions following the procedure, the dentists at the Cygnet Dental Practice are always on hand for advice. If you live in Wickford, Downham or Shotgate and are interested in this teeth replacement procedure, please call us today on 01268 733078 to arrange your free non clinical consultation.