Dentures – Still A Popular Solution For Replacing Missing Teeth

Modern dentures still provide an effective tooth replacement option.

Increasingly, dental implants are becoming the preferred option for replacing missing teeth and there are many good reasons for this. They are both long lasting and very strong, and also require no special, and sometimes fiddly, cleaning procedures.

Despite this though, there are still a significant number of patients in the county of Essex who prefer to use the well established, traditional method of dentures for this important purpose.

We are always happy to discuss patient choices at the Wickford Cygnet Dental Practice, and will not exert pressure to choose one or the other method. We simply want you to be fully informed before making your final decision.

No surgery required

One reason why some patients prefer not to have dental implants placed is because of the minor surgery involved and there is no getting away from the fact that this is an invasive procedure. However, once it has been completed, dental implants can last for twenty years or more, providing that you take good care of them.

One of the appeals of dentures is that they often require no surgery at all and are simply produced from impressions that are taken of the mouth. This is a simple, non invasive and stress free process for our Wickford patients. It is worth noting that were the mouth is being cleared of residual teeth, in this case, some extractions may be required.


One of the problems commonly cited by denture wearers is that they are unstable and can move around in the mouth. Although they can never be as stable as dental implants, the high quality dentures that we provide help to avoid this problem. NHS dentures are available at Band 3 prices to ensure that they are available to all who require them.

Bone loss is one of the more common reasons that dentures become loose. Although some patients believe it to be the dentures, it is actually the shape of the face that changes as this occurs. Periodically you may need your dentures adjusting although modern, flexible materials help to minimise this. It should also go without saying that you need to keep your gums clean as the onset of gum disease can lead to faster bone degradation and ill-fitting dentures, not to mention the other associated issues such as irritation, pain and halitosis.

Implant retained dentures

One option available to our local patients is to have your dentures stabilised using dental implants. Although this will require an minor invasive procedure, it is an option that is worth considering, perhaps especially so for people who are happy with their current dentures but would like some additional stability.

To discuss the various tooth replacement options available at our Wickford dental practice, including implants and dentures, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice today on 01268 733078 to arrange your free non clinical consultation.