When toothache strikes….

Looking for an emergency dentist in Wickford?

Life can throw us curveballs; one moment we are sailing along quite nicely, when something unexpected happens and changes everything in a single moment. Even our teeth can be affected in this way.

However well we take care of our teeth, brushing, flossing and keeping regular dental appointments, accidents can, and do, happen, resulting in damage to our teeth. When this occurs, our first thought is to find emergency dental care.

Act quickly

If the damage to a tooth has been caused by a fall or accident, you quite naturally need to prioritise. So if a head injury has been sustained, a visit to the A&E should be your first priority. Providing that the damage is to the teeth though, perhaps through a blow to them, a broken tooth due to biting on something unexpectedly hard or even an unexpected toothache that has appeared from nowhere, then The Cygnet Dental Practice should be your first port of call if you live in the Wickford area of Essex.

By acting quickly and calling our receptionist and explaining the situation, we will do all that we can to find you a same day appointment at the earliest possible time possible. We know how uncomfortable and painful a toothache can be and will try to ease this as quickly as we can. Prompt action and an early appointment will also help to preserve the remaining tooth if it broken, reducing the risk of further breakage. This can be the difference between saving the tooth or possibly having to have the tooth extracted.


After examining the patient, we will endeavour to treat them on the same day where this is possible. In cases, where it is not, we will do what we can to relieve the pain and arrange a quick appointment so that any suffering is kept to a minimum. Where possible, we always try to preserve the tooth. This may be through the use of a filling, or, in cases where damage is more severe, through the use of a porcelain dental crown or similar suitable treatment. Unfortunately, there are cases where saving a tooth is impossible and extracting it is the only solution. Whilst we appreciate that alleviating the pain is the priority, we will also take the time to discuss various tooth replacement options should we have to proceed to an extraction.

We always hope that we only see our Wickford dental patients at their regular check up appointments, but, as stated earlier, life does not always work this way. If any of you do experience a dental emergency, please do not wait, but pick up the phone and call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078 straight away so that we can help relieve the pain and treat the tooth the very same day.