Simple Tips To Avoid Gum Disease

Healthy gums are important – Our Wickford dentists offer advice to keep them that way.

Cleaning our teeth is a routine part of most people’s days. We know that a failure to do this is likely to mean that we need to have teeth filled or even extracted because of dental decay.

The same can rarely be said about our gums though. Too many people are barely aware of the importance of keeping our gums clean and healthy too.

If neglected, gum disease is very likely. This may exhibit a number of symptoms including sore or red gums, bleeding gums, bad breath and eventually, if not treated, loose teeth that may fall out.

The good news is that avoiding gum disease is relatively straightforward, and the dentists at Cygnet Dental Practice offer some preventative gum disease advice below.

Brush your gums gently

Yes, brush your teeth, but don’t ignore your gums. Bacteria which contribute to gum disease accumulate here. A gentle brushing is all that is needed to remove them. Bacteria, and minute food particles, may also become trapped under the gum line and you should angle your toothbrush into the gum line to help to remove this.

Interdental cleaning

One in five of us use dental floss, yet, it is the area between the teeth where much tooth decay and gum disease originate. Using dental floss is easy once you know how. Our Wickford dentists are always happy to demonstrate this for you, or you may wish to use an interdental brush instead.

Post meal rinses

Although a minor contribution in the fight against gum disease; a simple swilling of the mouth with water and spitting, will help to remove some of the food particles that become trapped after a meal. This does not replace the need to brush and floss though.


A dry mouth is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and it is important to stay well hydrated to deprive them of this. This applies especially for older people who have a reduced saliva flow. You should try to ensure that you are well hydrated before going to sleep, especially if you have consumed alcohol.

Smoking and drinking

Both smoking and alcohol increase the risk of gum disease. Not only do they increase dehydration (see above), but also irritate the gums and reduce the blood flow in that area which increases the risk of infections.

Hygienist visits

Visits to the hygienist at the Cygnet Dental Practice in Wickford should be made at least every six months. She will offer advice on better gum care as well as scaling and polishing your teeth to remove hardened bacteria from the surface. This is an important appointment to make if you wish to have a healthy mouth.

To arrange an appointment with our hygienist, or if you have any other dental problems that you would like to discuss with us, please call the Cygnet Dental Practice on 01268 733078.